Photo Flashback: The Pope is From Argentina. I Went to Argentina!

Exactly one month after traveling to Argentina with STG Tours, the Vatican selected its first Argentinian pontiff, Pope Francis I. How perfectly relevant. Seems like a great reason to reminisce on a great trip with a few good pics. These aren’t mine, though. I’m sharing my fellow travelers’ favorite photos from Argentina. It’s cool seeing the trip and the country from perspectives as varied as the people on our trip. Enjoy!

Sheneekra took this photo at the Familia Zuccardi Winery in Mendoza. “The wineries in Argentina are a perfect blend of art and wine. I really gained a better appreciate for artistry for wine making while in Argentina”
Here’s another photo from Sheneekra. “I enjoyed the show at Estancia Santa Susana. Dancing was amazing.”
This is another from Sheekra. It’s a photo of her with Kenitra, her roommate during the trip. “Kenny and I at Parsai Olive Oil plant. I’m glad she told me about the trip. I had a great time.”
This photo was taken by Kenitra. During our group trip, we had a couple of days to wander on our own. These beautiful shuttered windows must have caught her eye on one of those days.
Kenitra and Sheneekra visited Argentina’s museum of modern art, MALBA, during their free day in Buenos Aires. This is a lovely shot of Sheneekra in one of the exhibits.
Gia didn’t bring a camera on this trip, but she got this great shot of racing gauchos on horseback at Santa Susana with her smartphone.
Gia took this picture on our side trip to Montevideo in Uruguay at its monument La Carreta. She’s kind of photobombing our trip leader, Gai, in the background. Gia, Gai. Gai, Gia. Cute, right?
Presleith fell in love with Colonia on her side trip to Uruguay. It’s an hour-long boat ride from Buenos Aires and the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. She and fellow traveler, Carmen, climbed to the top of this lighthouse, even though Presleith is deathly afraid of heights.
Presleith found some of the most interesting places to pose for a picture on this trip. Here she is in Colonia at an old fort.
Our fearless trip leader, Gai, took in a Bocca Juniors soccer match while in Buenos Aires. She and fellow traveler, Floyd, survived the crush of soccer-crazed fans.
Gai got this picture with her cell phone during our cooking class at La Tupina in Mendoza. This scrambled egg dish may be one of the best tapas we made and ate that day. The presentation was the coolest, too. Scrambled eggs served in its shell. Yum.

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