Travel Itinerary: See Sade, Party with Pippa, Write My Own Viking Saga

Before the blogging begins, I think I should explain the title of my web outpost. Robins have wings is a pretty obvious factual statement. For me, it is a declaration and a reminder not to stay settled or grounded for too long. Having the name Robin illicits all kinds of pop culture and nature references–Rockin’ Robin, Robin Redbreast… I’d like to think of my name as a self-fufilling prophecy. I was meant to take flight, explore, take unexpected journeys near and far. So, this blog will chronicle these adventures.

Speaking of which, I have over a month of adventure planned for the summer and I leave tomorrow! First, Montreal where I will see my style icon, Sade, in concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival and sample poutin, then on to Oxford, England to visit my high school and college chum Helen. We plan to venture to London Town where I hope to party with Pippa and make it into a British tabloid. I may see Wimbeldon, even though I will have missed all tennis action at the All England Club. Finally, I fly to Denmark for hot dogs,egg chairs, Viking history a la “Game of Thrones” and a lovely beach getaway with a new Danish tennis friend. You can trace each destination on the map below, pan right and left. Follow along and try to keep up if you can.

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About Robin

Robin Bennefield is the author of the blog Robins Have Wings, which is not just a blog; it is a travel manifesto, reminding her—and maybe you—to take flight and embark upon unexpected journeys near and far.

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